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Our asset management for private and institutional clients is the connection of tradition with innovation. We pay attention to classical elements and tried and true principles in the modern age as well, but complement them with novel financial theories. In the persuit of maximum performance with the greatest possible reliability, the management of fixed assets requires appropriate competence, carefullness and transparency. Our professional asset management meets these requirements perfectly. An exellent basis, therefore, to be always two steps ahead of the progressive changes in the financial business. So that you can participate too in the chance rich developments.


We maintain your capital as if it were our own and give the relationship with the clientele a personal touch. Your contacts are well-versed, experienced and entrusted to the mechanisms of the international financial markets. An instinctiv flair for tendencies, determination to act and a lot of skill in the implementation - these are the marks of our portfolio management. These qualities are the best possible guarantee for a sustainable and continuous perfomance of your assets.

  • Liquidity and monetary values (accounts, money market, bonds, precious metals)
  • Value stocks (shares, participations)
  • Alternative investments (topics, commodities, options, derivatives, sustainability, structured products, cryptocurrencies)
  • Non-cash assets (real estate, land, yachts, vehicles, collections, paintings, jewelery)

Investment Strategies

investment strategies and mandate forms


We operate an intelligent and approved investment policy, with the intent to generate a return, that is well above the market in the medium term. The standard investment strategies listed below, graded according to a risk and opportunity profile, have proven themselves in portfolio management for decades and guarantee optimal alignment with your needs. Of course, individual strategy deviations and special customer wishes remain possible at any time and are gladly implemented by us on request.


In each case, we make investment decisions free of preconceived assessments and act accordingly independently. Thus, our own conviction is reflected in the result. In our systematic investment concept, monitoring and risk management are firmly integrated components in the investment process and consequently ensure the best possible balance. Our investment philosophy also guarantees, that we are correctly positioned in all market situations. The performance achieved is therefore not a result of fortune. Involved in a clearly structured process, it becomes a reliable factor in wealth development over the longer term.


We manage your funds and investments in accordance with clear investment guidelines set out in a joint discussion, taking into account your personal financial conditions. Within this fixed frame, we make the investment decisions without further consultation with the client, which allows us a flexible and fast action through our professional trading systems. We work exclusively on the basis of administrative powers. We basically offer our clients three types of mandates: easy, classic and pro. Our performance evaluation and reporting take place at least twice a year for all clients during a personal meeting.

Dynamic Portfolio

- independent & neutral -

The "Dynamic" investment strategy, which corresponds to a global equity portfolio, is a showpiece that reflects our many years of experience in the financial markets.


The aim of this strategy is to maximize capital growth through global investment in equities. Capitalization does not matter. It can be invested across the entire spectrum of small to large-cap companies. The investments are diversified globally by country, region, currency and industry or theme. Investments in selected emerging markets are possible. Depending on the market situation, a dynamic investment behavior can be practiced. This means, that the investment quotas can temporarily be reduced in favor of liquidity. Furthermore, hedging transactions are also made in certain situations.